050 Class of 1984 and The Warriors (with Tyler Martis)

FIFTY EPISODES, BABY! Finally! They finally cover the film you've all been waiting for: Class of 1984! You can finally stop asking for it! They also cover some gang movie called The Warriors or whatever... Featuring the incredible artist Tyler Martis!


Dir. Mark Lester, 1982.

Starring Perry King and Michel J Fox.

Dir. Walter Hill, 1979.

6:50 The Last Jedi...Still

10:51 Tyler "The Most Artist" Martis

13:31 Ryan Pulls a Daniel

14:18 Happy Birthday, Ryan! Also MERCH

17:34 Class of 1984

42:43 The Warriors

1:07:54 What Are You Watching Lately?

1:15:39 The BOYS Are Back in Town

1:26:02 The Contest

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