053 Blue Ruin (with Daniel Reichl)

Returning to the filmmaker from our episode one... We hit up the amazing Blue Ruin! From the director of Green Room! Daniel Reichl (Slow Readers) shows up for whatever reason.

Dir. Jeremy Saulnier, 2013.

Starring Macon Blair.

3:15 Black Panthers?

4:31 The Clown Prince of Topgallant Radio

8:59 Ronda Rousey Roundabout

9:56 Millar Time

11:30 Millar Time Lite: Kick-Ass

12:53 Blue Glasses, Blue Skin

14:14 Blue Ruin

50:04 The Boys Are Back In Town

1:07:18 What Are You Watching Lately?

1:11:54 Cointosses & Plugs

1:17:12 SPOILERIFIC Avengers: Infinity War Talk FART

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Daniel Reichl