048 The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead (with BONUS!! featuring The Whiparound)

We got ya'll an episode and a half in this one! First, the dumb dumbs finally get around to covering The Underground Railroad, which they've been talking about since episode one, and also talk about seeing Colson Whitehead live! Then we gotta BONUS! The Whiparound podcast collides with Sex + Violence in an almighty ALAN SMITHEE GAME!!

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6:00 Regarding the BONUS and The Whiparound

9:30 Natalie Portman

16:00 And Then There Were None

21:45 Danecdotes & Gables

26:00 The Underground Railroad

38:00 Colson Whitehead

1:05:00 Next week

1:12:45 BONUS!! The Alan Smithee Game! The Whiparound v. Sex + Violence

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Daniel Reichl